Social Justice
Engaged Citizenship
Community Partnership

Recognizing that we live in a diverse society, we strive for increasingly just relationships between individuals, groups, and social institutions, which honor the inherent value of each human being.

Working within diverse settings and groups, we engage in high impact learning— within and across academic fields, about ourselves and the world we live in, and about the work of building community and democracy.

Change toward a more just and democratic society doesn’t just happen; it depends on people stepping up as leaders of that change. We support undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and community members in developing and using leadership skills for social justice and democracy.

John Dewey said, “Democracy has to be born anew every generation, and education is its midwife.”  We work to develop the knowledge, skills, and vision needed when people stand up as citizens of a democracy.

Effective engagement relies on strong campus/community partnerships. Real partnerships enable students, faculty, and community members to work together pursuing goals defined by each.

Our Programs

Learn through theory and practical experience to build a more just and peaceful world.
Experience leadership and social change, connecting real experiences in the community to coursework.
Design a major that weaves together courses from a field that you care deeply about and courses from 5 Civic Engagement content areas.
Live with like-minded classmates and learn how to make a positive impact on your community!
Student-led program that partners with 11 community programs for people with disabilities!
Connect thought and actions through an alternative spring break and a student-facilitated course focusing on community organizing.


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