UMass CESL promotes learning for life-long, engaged citizenship, partnering with communities on and off campus to work collectively for a more just society.

Funding Sources

Service-Learning at UMass is funded in four ways:

  1. The central office, CESL, is funded by the Provost’s office.
  2. Service-Learning courses across the campus are funded through departments as part of their regular support of their faculty.
  3. Grants help the campus to start new initiatives.  For example, a grant for 2012 to 2015 from the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Vision Project has enable CESL to resume the Civic Engagement and Service-Learning Faculty Fellows Program, which helps faculty develop new civic engagement and service-learning courses. This program ran from 1994 until 2009, when it was halted because of campus budget cuts driven by the state's economic crisis.  As of Fall, 2014, 30 faculty, staff, and graduate students funded by the Vision Project grant have participated in developing new opportunities for community engagement through UMass courses with which they work.
  4. Donors have created special opportunities for student development through service-learning.  For example, the David Schimmel/Arthur Keene Citizen Scholars Program Endowment supports a student each summer to intern with Amherst's state representative, Ellen Story. 

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