UMass CESL promotes learning for life-long, engaged citizenship, partnering with communities on and off campus to work collectively for a more just society.

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We are deeply grateful to the many people who, each year, give their time, energy, financial resources, and good will to support UMass Civic Engagement & Service-Learning. 


There are many ways you can join them. 

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Let us know if you would like to direct your gift to:

* Support a specific service-learning program

* Support one of our Five Focus Areas

- Equity in Education - Access & Success
- Sustainable Communities
- Healthy Futures
- Civic Leadership 

* Help create new civic engagement and service-learning courses through the
 CESL Faculty Fellows Program.

This program brings together faculty from across the campus in a year-long process of professional development to design and teach new service-learning courses.  From 1994 to 2009, 8-12 faculty participated each year. This has been the major way that UMass develops new courses with community engagement built into them.

When university budget cuts placed this program on hold, former Faculty Fellows, members of the Provost’s Committee on Service-Learning, and CESL staff joined together to fund the resumption of the program in 2012-2013. A grant from the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education has supported this program through Spring, 2015, with over 30 faculty participating, but funding beyond that point is uncertain.

You can also support the overall development of service-learning and civic engagement at UMass.

Your gift could be used to match students and faculty with community organizations, to transport students to community placements, to train students to work effectively in communities not their own, to develop student leaders who can support students doing service-learning for the first time, or in many other ways to help UMass partner with communities and promote learning for life-long, engaged citizenship.

To let us know about the gift directly and to designate it for a specific purpose within CESL, please email us at

To let us know about other ways that you would like to support CESL, please email us at