UMass CESL promotes learning for life-long, engaged citizenship, partnering with communities on and off campus to work collectively for a more just society.

2017 CESL Faculty Fellows Named

Thirteen individuals have been selected by UMass Civic Engagement and Service-Learning as recipients of the 2017 Civic Engagement & Service-Learning (CESL) Faculty Fellowships.

The group represents 11 departments developing 12 new civic engagement or service-learning courses, integrating classroom learning with community-based learning. The CESL faculty fellows group meets monthly, over the course of the year, to discuss community engagement for social change, service-learning pedagogy, and to work collaboratively on course development. The CESL Faculty Fellowship is in its twenty-third year.

In Spring 2017 the sessions will be co-facilitated by CESL Director and Architecture professor Joseph Krupczynski and CESL Lecturer Ellen Correa. The CESL staff is available to work with faculty members in all academic departments to develop civic engagement and service-learning courses, both new courses and revising existing courses to integrate community engagement as a core component of the course.


Lucia Carvalho
College of Nursing
Special Populations Health Promotion Project

Tamara Drummond, Senior Lecturer II
Civic Engagement Seminar

Julie Hemment, Professor
NGOs, Nonprofits & Humanitarianism

Moira Inghilleri, Associate Professor
LLC/Comparative Literature
Introduction to Translation and Interpreting Research and Practice II

Elizabeth Krause, Professor
Creative Economies

Judith Bruno LaBranche, Lecturer
Exercise Management for Special Populations

Rebecca Lorimer, Assistant Professor
Multilingualism and Literacy in Western Massachusetts

Joel Saxe, Lecturer
Youth, Democracy, and the Entertainment Industries

Kristie Soares, Assistant Professor
The Latinx Theater Project

Shaheen Pasha, Assistant Professor
Social Justice Journalism: Mass Incarceration

Razvan Sibii, Senior Lecturer
Social Justice Journalism: Mass Incarceration

Amilcar Shabazz, Professor
Afro-American Studies
Black Springfield Matters: An Introduction to New Afrikan Urban Studies

Ashley Woodman, Lecturer
Psychological & Brain Sciences
Impact of Disabilities on Families