UMass CESL promotes learning for life-long, engaged citizenship, partnering with communities on and off campus to work collectively for a more just society.

CESL Course Designations

There are multiple ways courses can be designated through CESL
A list of the courses currently designated as Civic Engagement (CE) or Service-Learning (SL) is here.



CE or SL designation criteria
CE/SL designation online request form

Many CE and SL courses are also Foundations Courses for the CEPS Certificate

CEPS Certificate Content Area definitions
Content Area designation online request form



Civic Engagement (CE) & Service-Learning (SL) Designations

The registrar’s course database (Spire) allows courses to carry a searchable designation of either Civic Engagement or Service-Learning.  Faculty may request either designation for courses they teach, using the form on this website.  A designation will be retained for five years unless the instructor informs UMass Civic Engagement and Service-Learning that the course has changed in ways that make the designation no longer appropriate.

The Civic Engagement designation encompasses a broad range of ways that courses might lead students to learn about and engage in action for the public good. 
Courses with the Service-Learning designation are a subset of that broad range of Civic Engagement, meeting additional criteria. 

A course may be assigned either designation but not both.
Please review the criteria for the CE and SL designations. 

CEPS Certificate Content Area Designations

There are five Content Areas that make up the core curriculum of the Civic Engagement & Public Service Certificate.
Instructors are invited to request that a course be considered for one or more of the Content Areas. Content Area courses do
not need to include a Service-Learning component but, if they do, then they can be designated as both a Content Area course and a SL course, and meet both requirements for completion of the CEPS Certificate. Please review the definitions of the five Content Areas. 


*Please note that approval of course designations may take 4-6 weeks as the designating entity meets monthly.