UMass CESL promotes learning for life-long, engaged citizenship, partnering with communities on and off campus to work collectively for a more just society.

How to Engage UMass Students With Your Organization

Three Ways to Engage UMass Students with Your Commmunity Organization

1. Partnerships with UMass Service-Learning or Civic Engagement Courses

UMass CESL works with faculty across the campus to develop and support course-based community engagement. In Service-Learning courses, the community work is integrated into the learning goals of the course.

Service-Learning partnerships are arranged directly between the community partner and the faculty member teaching any given Service-Learning course, often with facilitation by and support of UMass CESL.

Through UMass Service-Learning courses we seek to:

- provide reciprocal benefit, meeting both student learning goals and the community partner’s objectives.
- encourage integration of community partner voice into the course development and service planning, in order to meet community partner identified needs or opportunities.
- develop and support long term, sustainable partnerships between faculty members and community partners , where desired and feasible.
Contact CESL for more info

2. Off Campus Work Study

-Through UMass Federal Work Study students can be hired to work with community-based nonprofits or public schools.
-The community partner pays 1/3 of the student’s salary and work study funds the other 2/3.  
- The most a student is allocated per academic year is $1,800. If a student has a full allocation, the community partner funds $600 for the academic year.
Depending on what pay/hour is set by the community partner, this usually works out to about 8 hours per week, for 10-11 weeks each semester.

The office that handles this is the Financial Aid Office.
Register your organization 
Once your organization is registered, you can post opportunities on the student employment page through Financial Aid.

3. Off Campus Field Experience:

Work off campus, paid or for credit.
The office that handles this is the Career Services Internship Office